Women’s Bible Study

Wednesday, October 23, 10 am-noon, Office Conference Room - GOD WANTS US TO LIVE LOVED WHEN WE FEEL LEFT OUT, LONELY, AND LESS THAN.
In this six-session video Bible study, Lysa TerKeurst digs deep into God’s Word to help you explore the roots of rejection, the way other relationships get tainted because of a past rejection, and the truth about what it looks like to live loved. With biblical depth, gut-honest vulnerability, and refreshing wit, Lysa will take you on a visual journey in the Holy Land to some of the places where people of the Bible such as Hannah, David, and even Jesus lived and walked.
Lysa will help you and your group to enter a place of healing and new perspective, as well as a time for you to go to new places with Jesus and experience him like never before. Uninvited reminds us we are destined for a love that can never be diminished, tarnished, shaken, or taken—a love that does not reject or uninvite.
Study guides available at CBD.com and Amazon.com.

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Baptism is held twice a year during our Sunday service. Elementary kids and students attend this service together with our adults to experience and participate in this step of faith. Afterward we celebrate with a buffet lunch. Interested in being baptized? Click here.

 8 Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm 9/18-11/6

Join us for this eight-week dive into our emotional and spiritual maturity. Move forward in your journey from an awareness of God and outwardly serving him to inner transformation enabling fuller love of Jesus and others. If you want to grow in your faith and become more like Jesus, this is a great course for you.  We encourage you not to miss it.  Sign up now.



Everything has a starting point, including faith. What if it were possible to explore faith freely and ask the questions we all have? Starting Point is a place where you can do just that! Starts 1/12/2020, 8:30-10 am, Room D111, 8 weekly gatherings, Conversation Guide required. Sign up today!

Connection Groups at RMCC exist to build relationships and connect people who care for each other, connect with each other and grow together in Christ.  Connection groups are a great way to go deeper in your faith and share life together.  They are also a safe place to ask questions and explore who Jesus Christ is.  RMCC has a variety of groups that meet at many different times during the week.  Please fill out the form below to receive more information about being apart of a Connection Group.

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